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Been up since 12:15am with Jude and it’s been absolutely amazing. I love how I already know his hungry cry and what sounds he makes when he’s getting hungry. He has a healthy appetite which is wonderful. But my favorite apart so far about these late night feedings is the way he looks at me, like I am his world and watching him fight off sleeping to look at me while he eats. I am beyond wrapped around this little boys fingers already ♡

My water has broke :) 4 cm dilated

Getting started on a very slow drip of Pitocin and they will slowly increase it depending on how Jude reacts to it. If Jude doesn’t react well, i.e. his heartbeat drops again, we will probably go to a c section. So let’s hope it works :D

So here’s an update. Jude’s heart rate has dropped very low a few different times now. They are monitoring me and him and they’re not giving me anymore of the pill to help me dilate because they think that is what caused his heart rate to drop. They gave me an epidural to help with contractions and also in case I need a c section. They want me to try and sleep again. Will keep e everyone updated.

Please keep Jude and I in your prayers ♡

Being induced tonight at 38+6. My blood pressure is staying right around 143/103 and I’m having some leg/foot swelling but no preclampsia so that’s one thing I’ve got going for me. Please keep baby Jude and I in your prayers and thoughts.

Just got my first pill to help me along :) I’m still really calm, BP is very high, but Jude is just hanging out calm and collected like his mommy…The same can’t be said for dad lol brandon is in full panic mode

So the plan is once I get into a room, they’re still full and I’m waiting on one, they will give me my first dose of something to help soften my cervix. Since I am already 70% effaced they or may not need to give me more depending on how my body reacts. They will give me three doses max of this drug before moving onto more extreme measures like pitocin.

Anonymous: what is one thing you wish someone had told you about pregnancy? 

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this, because there are so many. Let me start out by saying that every single pregnancy is different. Whether you are pregnant with your first child, your second, etc it is my experience that you will experience different things with each of them because every child is different. No two pregnancies are alike, so do not let someone tell you that just because they had morning sickness their entire pregnancy that you will too because that’s simply just not true. Speaking of morning sickness let me clarify a common misconception about it, it does not and I repeat it does not only happen in the morning like the name implies. Morning sickness can happen in any of the three trimesters and at any period during the day. I experienced morning sickness from 7-13 weeks and it was gone until I hit the third trimester and now at almost 39 weeks pregnant I have horrible morning sickness like I did at 7 weeks. My next thing about pregnancy I wish someone had told me is that no matter how many times a day you rub yourself down with stretch mark cream or coconut oil, if you are going to get stretch marks you are going to get stretch marks it’s that simple. I learned while being pregnant that they are genetic and typically if your mother got them while she was pregnant with you, you will get them with your children. Of course this isn’t true for everyone but it was true for myself and my husband as well. Do not stress yourself out over coating your body in cream. If you get a stretch mark or a few, it is not the end of the world. Your growing a human being, it is not always pretty but it is beyond worth the end result. A lot of people corolate stretch marks being with too much weight gain during pregnancy or a large baby but again this false. One thing I did learn was that people assume if you get GD or Gestational Diabetes it is automatically because you are overweight but although this seems to be the case in most women I was 40 lbs overweight before I got pregnant and now have gained 20 lbs total and I had amazing glucose levels where my friend who was of average weight and gained a normal amount of pregnancy weight as well got Gestational Diabetes. You simply cannot assume you will get it if you are overweight, so please get that out of your head. A major misconception I learned during pregnancy as well is do not base your gender prediction off of old wives tales or medical assumptions (i.e. fast heartbeat=girl, slower heartbeat=boy) because they have a 50% chance of being accurate and chances are if everything points to being a girl, you will get excited about having a girl and then when you find out you’re having a boy after all you will likely be disappointed at first because you were so convinced you were having a girl when you’re not. Every single one of the old wives and medical tales all pointed to me having a girl and my husband got extremely excited about this even though I felt in my heart I was having a boy and sure enough at 20 weeks when we saw little Jude playing with his manhood my husband was a little sad at first because he was so worked up over the idea of having a girl that seeing a boy almost hurt to see. To close this off I’m going to add on to the whole no two pregnancies are alike by adding, do not let anyone make you feel badly about the way you are handling your pregnancy. People are going to give you unwanted advice, just take it with a grain of salt and listen to the ones you want to and forget the rest. A lot of people gave me a hard time about how soon I started wearing maternity pants but there is no “okay” time to wear maternity clothes, wear them when you want to, if you want, and whenever you want to. Eat the foods you crave, even if it’s an entire chocolate cake and people stare at you. You are pregnant! Pregnancy is a miraculous thing and as long as you do not have Gestational Diabetes or something that could harm the baby from your lifestyle, live the 9 months you are pregnant how you want to.