While I was playing music for Jude and talking to him about how the world is ready to meet him, he kicked my phone right out of my hand and it changed the song I had been playing him to “Let it Be”. Some will say that this was sheer coincidence but I am instead going to take this as a sign from Jude that I just need to “Let it Be” and he will come into this world when and how he wants to.

Walked 1.5 miles today, now it’s 10 am and I am ready for a nap. Is it the walk? Perhaps. Is it that it’s 92 degrees outside already? Perhaps. Is it because I’m almost 38 weeks pregnant? Perhaps. What I do know is it’s shower and nap time lol don’t judge.

I KNOW IT DIFFERS FOR EVERY SINGLE WOMAN but I am curious to see what answers I get :)

In the days leading up to natural labor, did you have any signs or symptoms that it was on the way? Maybe you didn’t realize it at the time but looking back you see that labor was coming.

Mission Superman/Beatles nursery is almost complete!
-set up crib w/crib mattress ✓
-set up glider w/ottoman ✓
-set up bookcase with books and stuffed animals ✓
-set up bouncer and swing ✓
-set up diaper pail ✓
-arrange Jude’s VHS/DVDS ✓
-hang up Superman curtains ✓
-hang up Superman signs ✓
-hang up Beatles decor ✓

Left to Do:
-buy a lamp
-buy a poster frame/frame Beatles poster everyone signed from the baby shower and hang it up
-buy Superman symbol wall decal w/Jude’s name
-buy Superman crib pillow
-buy Superman crib bumpers
-buy Superman/Beatles outlet covers
-receive Superman crib sheets/blankets
-buy Beatles wall decal/decor for play area
-organize the mess that is currently his closet

It is coming together :) the majority of it is done and the rest of what we want to buy/do to the nursery will come with time. Cannot believe there will be a baby in there soon!!! 

I’m slowly understanding more and more why the last few weeks of pregnancy are the hardest. Not only am I just beyond ready to meet the baby I’ve been carrying the past 9 months but my entire pregnancy I haven’t had to deal with two things, swelling and being that insane pregnant lady…that’s all changed now lol The left side of my body is swollen and no amount of water seems to be helping and these hormones are out of bloody control. Clouds make me want to fight someone these days lol 19 days or less left until he’s here, just gotta hold out a tiny bit longer for my sweet baby boy to be here ♡

I wonder if any of my labor/delivery dreams with Jude will ever come true. I doubt it since they say it always happens when you least expect it and don’t want it to necessarily happen lol

Jude and I have made progress again :) up to 1.5 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and he’s in a -3 station now. She said she’ll see me next week, IF she doesn’t see me before then ♡

As of tomorrow he is considered a term baby! IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!

Dear Jude,
We need to have a talk. As nice as it was to have a nurse remember both me and my cervix, last night will be the last time you trick me into thinking I’m in labor and you’re coming out. Stop teasing your father and I and just calm down in there until you’re 100% ready to come out because you made mommy awfully sad last night. Coming home without a baby after being told the next time I went to the hospital I’d be leaving with one made me really sad. You have 23 days til your due date and you will NOT be staying longer. We are ready for you, my body is ready for you, now you just have to be ready. The next time I get a nurse to remember my cervix she’s gonna be telling me, “looks like we’re having a baby” and that is that mister!

Your very pregnant, growingly impatient mother.

PS The sooner you learn that mother’s know best the better for you it is in the long run lol so start listening to me in the womb ♡



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